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Taxes, deficits, and Canada's fiscal reckoning

Taxes, deficits, and Canada's fiscal reckoning

Sean Speer joins us to talk about making government budgets more fair for all ages and paying for Baby Boomers' retirements without leaving a legacy of unpaid bills for younger and future generations

Governments of all party stripes, across Canada, must confront a gnarly problem when it comes to investing more fairly in all ages. How do we pay for the ballooning ⁠retirement costs of baby boomers⁠, without skimping on the needs of younger people and burdening future generations with massive public debts? And more basically, how can we have "adult conversations" about how to pay for the Canada we want (i.e. without anyone making death threats)? Gen Squeeze founder Paul Kershaw delves into these questions and more with leading conservative voice Sean Speer.


Sean is editor-at-large at ⁠The Hub⁠, a Public Policy Forum fellow, and an assistant professor at the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. He was previously a senior economic adviser to former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 

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