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"The Millennial Pollster" on housing, cost of living and climate

"The Millennial Pollster" on housing, cost of living and climate

Not tackling generational unfairness could have dire long-term consequences, warns David Coletto

David Coletto has had his finger on the pulse of Canadian public opinion for well over a decade, as the founder and CEO of ⁠Abacus Data⁠ and author of the ⁠inFocus ⁠newsletter. He shares insights into how generational inequality is playing out in our housing, affordability and climate crises.

"The largest predictor of inequality among those 30 to 40 is whether they own their home or not. And [if that continues] that's going to make this country far more vulnerable to the kinds of shocks that none of us want to see. And housing will be the thing that creates that rise of extremism that is right now starting to occur."

Despite the threat generational unfairness poses to Canada's economy and social fabric, he’s still optimistic we can turn things around:

"If there's any country in the world that can figure this out -- that has enough wealth, enough opportunity, that knows how to bring different people together and live together -- it's Canada. And so positive-sum thinking is basically saying, we can lift all boats. Everybody can have a home. Maybe not be able to own, but everybody should be able to have shelter and kind of live the life that they want. And let's figure out the public policy choices that get us there.”


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