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I am personally probably more frustrated with people my age for supporting policies (mostly about housing) that don't treat them fairly or that unnecessarily create inequality, so not sure I would advocate for everyone to outsource their judgement. Lots of young and merely young-ish people I know are great at not wanting to leave costs for future generations, but not so great in my opinion at realizing there is more than one way to achieve a goal. That said, absolutely agree with remembering that young people are more effected by the long-term impacts of policy, and that long-term thinking is easier when people are willing to share the costs fairly now.

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Fair point Valerie. You raise a classic example of people who are disadvantaged supporting, tacitly or otherwise, ideas that are not in their interest. I guess that's one reason why Gen Squeeze invests so much of our time doing research, and raising awareness among younger Canadians, about how the current policy system isn't working for them.

Happily, there's a large group of younger folks affiliated with Gen Squeeze who know this. One thing I like about Tom's idea is that his call on older family members to vote with and on behalf of their kids and grandchildren helps to take the intergenerational solidarity common within families and build a bridge for it to be demonstrated in the world of politics.

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“SENIORS / ELDERS: Help the younger generations design their planet. It’s not ours anymore; we have way less time to live with the consequences of our vote. Ask how they’re voting and why, ensuring they’ve researched. Then vote with them. We taught them to eat, walk, play games. We should support them as they design their planet.

YOUTH / GEN X-Y-Z / MILLENNIALS: It’s your planet. Get help designing it. Talk to your elders. I’m a senior. The planet isn’t mine anymore; I have way less time to live with the consequences of my vote. Tell your elders how you’re voting and why; do your research. Then ask them to vote with you. Help us support you as you design your planet.” Worth repeating. Beautiful Tom! The more we think like Indigenous elders, the more we listen to native wisdoms, the wiser we will be. Wiser not just socially but environmentally in the whole circle of life.

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