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"We're not alone" #1: Younger Australians aren't getting "a fair go"

"We're not alone" #1: Younger Australians aren't getting "a fair go"

Paul Kershaw and Angie Chan spoke with Tom Walker, lead economist at Think Forward in Australia

To kick off our “We’re not alone” miniseries, economist Tom Walker of Think Forward shows us that Canada isn't the only nation squeezed by the symptoms of generational unfairness, and Gen Squeeze isn't the only organization squeezing back.


Down under, younger generations are "doing it tough" too, faced with unaffordable housing, rising living and education costs, precarious jobs with declining wages, extreme weather -- all set against an ominous backdrop of one global crisis after another. Tom tells us how his organization is pushing for a parliamentary inquiry and a more fair tax system to invest in the collective wellbeing of young and old alike. 

"There’s something that sits above all this: that persistent short-termism in our government outlook and the policy they make, and their lack of ability or courage to do meaningful reform to address any of these things. And an economic system which supports [older] people who are already wealthy... if you dump all your money into property, you pay less tax than someone who's working.

— Tom Walker, Think Forward

Think Forward is the first voice we'll be bringing you from our international coalition of generational fairness champions, which launched the inaugural worldwide Intergenerational Fairness Day last month. Stay tuned for more!

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Generation Squeeze's Hard Truths
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